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The Osprey That Dropped In

Rule No 1 in wildlife photography-always expect the unexpected (and be forever grateful for it!) Rule No 2 – Always have your camera at hand. When you don’t you miss stuff that otherwise would have been captured (and forever rue the day!) Rule No 3 – Don’t screw it up (or you will always regret…

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Reef Fishing

The rocks at Fingal Head in northern New South Wales are famous for their hexagonal tubular shape. Battered by heavy waves at high tide the Head and its adjacent beaches is a splendid place to wind your neck in and forget about the world and its issues for a few hours. I learnt long ago…

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Mrs Plover Lover

This morning we had an interesting run-in with a masked lapwing.¬† Decided to put it to prose… Plover lover, The Missus, she’s a Plover lover, Plover lover, But the Plovers, no love her, No Love her! The Missus, she go bush, Thinks the bush is Mush, Bush happy, bush happy, She loves the sticks, Get…

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